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kung fu, tai chi classes, yoga


  • Mizong kung fu lessons in Basildon
  • 7th generation Mizong disciple
  • Tai Chi lessons in Basildon
  • Kung fu and Tai Chi art and gifts
  • Kinesiology flexibility and Yoga instructor
  • Yoga and Tai Chi for those with limited movement
  • Meditations for healing and health
  • Instruction from a 5 x world champion

Mizong kung fu lessons in Basildon

The legendary Mizong quan (secret sect fist or lost track fist) is a form of northern Shaolin Kung fu from the longfist family which has been passed down from Master to disciple. With its influences from Shaolin, Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Bagua we have a well rounded system that is comfortable in short and long ranges, using striking and grappling with a variety of hard and soft techniques. Mizong kung fu is famous for its swift footwork and the development of fajin. The Mizong martial art system is vast and includes numerous traditional weapons including the renowned qingping jian (sword,) crescent moon shovel, spear, piercers, Chinese broadsword, dagger, hook swords, chain, axes, staff and more.

The classes can be tough but the increases in functional flexibility, range of motion, fitness and strength make this well worthwhile, add to this the combat applications and conditioning and you can see why this system has stood the test of time and produced some very famous martial artists.

You will learn....
Reeling silk fajin...
Body conditioning...
Palm conditioning...
How to develop your fast twitch muscle fibers for explosive speed...
How to Kick and strike with power and accuracy...
How to set up and break rhythms...
Breathing and visualisation techniques to increase focus and health...
Modern kinesiology stretching techniques...
Chin na grappling...
Over 50 forms and 13 weapons to master...

Tai Chi lessons in Basildon

Tai Chi Chuan (Supreme Ultimate Fist) is a low impact, Chinese martial art practiced for both its combat training and its health benefits.

Practicing Tai chi should take the practitioner through a complete, natural range of motion over their centre of gravity.

The solo forms, empty-hand and weapon, are catalogues of movements that can be practiced individually, in pushing hands and martial application scenarios. Regular practice is said to: Improve circulation, promote flexibility of muscles and joints, build bone density, reduce stress, promote relaxation of the mind and body, improve balance and increase strength and endurance.

Tai chi chuan combat is the study of appropriate change and sensitivity in response to outside forces (your opponent), the study of yielding and "sticking" to an incoming attack rather than attempting to meet it with opposing force. Developing sensitivity through relaxation is key, so that power can be issued at the correct time.

Training in our Yang Tai Chi you will learn the 85 step solo form, Tai Chi jian straight sword forms, Tai Chi dao broad sword, 2 person paired form, short form designed by Master Lu Jun Hai, push hands, sensitivity drills, how to apply the techniques in combat.

Kung fu and Tai Chi art and gifts

Having spent 30 years in the martial arts and previously studying design it was natural to blend my passions. I have a range of original martial arts, kung fu and Tai Chi designs which you can choose to put onto t-shirts, bags, mugs or a number of different products. Choose your art and item and find something original for yourself or as a gift!

Kinesiology flexibility and yoga instruction

I am a qualified kinesiology flexibility instructor and have been a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor since 2004. Our lives are becoming more sedentary and as we age we begin to lose our ability to move, often without us realising it. Our joints become arthritic and stiff and our muscles become tight... stretch, strengthen and defy age...

Meditations for healing and health

Change how you think. Developing a strong, flexible mind is key, neuroscientific research suggests that the brains structure can alter as a result of experience. This can be achieved through the meditations both moving and static, found in our Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation. Create mental lightness and clarity.

Meditation is a practice that trains or calms the mind; there are many methods for practicing mediation both modern and ancient with different objectives, such as relaxation, energy cultivation, creative release, increased focus, love and compassion.

In meditation you can aim to be an observer without judgment for both your inner thoughts and the outside world or simply sit and be in the moment, again without judgment. You can use the practice to analyse your own thoughts or emotions to find hidden truths, use mantras or sounds, whatever the method that suits you the resulting clarity and sense of wellbeing can be life changing.

Take back some control with healing meditations, increase blood flow, relax the nervous system and release stress.

Yoga and Tai Chi for those with limited movement

Our Chair Yoga consists of a set of exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own chair.

It is designed for those:With limited movement, physical disabilities, recovering from injury, that want to exercise but want a low impact gentle form.

Included in these classes are:Gentle yoga postures breathing techniques and movements from yoga and tai chi, meditation and relaxation methods and gentle joint rotations, beneficial for those with arthritis.

With these classes you can develop your muscular strength, endurance and fitness while improving clarity of mind.


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Mizong kung fu

Shaolin Mizong quan in Basildon is taught by a 7th generation disciple and 5 x world champion with over 50 forms and 13 weapons to master. Join us and start your journey today.

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Mizong kung fu

Tai Chi in Basildon

Learn the art of Yang Tai Chi from a 7th generation disciple of Master Lu Jun Hai. learn the 85 form, push hands, 2 person set and weapon.

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Tai Chi in Basildon

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